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All the items of fabric to embroider cross-stitch. Fabrics, yarns, bibs, towels, copriforno, pot holders, gloves, oven, aprons, placemats. Technical equipment for embroidery cross-stitch frames, needles, scissors.

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Everything you need to sew, create and decorate. The haberdashery includes buttons, spools, scissors, tapes, sbiechi, metres for a seamstress, reels of sewing machine and much more


A collection of products that will enrich and give joy to your kitchen. Tea towels, gloves, oven, pot holders, porta scottex, placemats, runner, cover, oven, gremibiuli to life, and harness. All to personalize with embroidery to cross-stitch.


A collection of products that will follow the birth and the growth of your child. Bavagline and bibs, baby changing facilities, bathrobes, shoes, t-shirts, car, set, asylum, asciugamanini, ribbons and bows birth. All to personalize with embroidery to cross-stitch.


The products from cross-stitch that will allow you to better organize your bathroom. Towel rack, roll holder toilet paper, bins and panels, all with the strip of aida fabric to embroider cross-stitch.

Gift ideas customizable

A collection of gift ideas that will enrich and give a lot of joy to your gifts. Cover, bookmarks, key chains, cushions, door pajamas as a child, rings, pendants, bracelets... All can be customized with embroidery to cross-stitch.

Embroidery yarns

All of the embroidery yarns that are used to realize your work. That is Patterns, Cotton Lanato, Woven of Alsace, Perlè, Cotton embroidery, Perlè, here you can find all the best yarn brand DMC.

The edges of aida and...

The edges of the aida fabric and linen already finished, to be applied to tea towels and towels or sewing to create beautiful bags for wedding favours.

Fabrics embroidery

To embroider in cross stitch or embroidery classic indispensable is the primary support: canvas aida! In this category you will find all the textures, from the 44 holes to 55 holes, in colored. Red, Pink, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Blue, Green, Bordeaux, brown, Brown and many other shades. You will find the best brands of canvas, aida, linen and mixed linen: Zweigart, Artistic Weaving of Chieri, Sironi, Sotema, Graziano and other Italian manufacturers. All with the guarantee of the fibres of linen and cotton in a mid-high quality!


The classic fabrics such as Muslin, Queen and Batista, the sponge, the canvas adhesive, the viesellina, the tissues of the americans, the fleece, flannel and many other types of fabric for sewing.


All of the products that can not miss in your room of creativity. Boxes, accessories, pens, baskets work, and everything you need for your embroidery.

Kit embroidery

A series of Kits to embroider containing schema, skeins and fabric. Thanks to these set ready, you can start embroidering immediately, without having to waste time searching for the yarn, or to adapt the canvas, aida or linen! Dmc, Vervaco, Lanarte, Permine of Copenhagen are just a few of the designers that you will find

Hobby and decoration

The useful accessories to create. From decoupage, to the balls of plexiglass, polystyrene, gutaperca, iron wires, beads, beads, accessories for jewelry diy. All that will be useful for making your creations.

The pictures to the...

Executives at the middle point to the theme of flowers. You can take your tea towel and embroider it, following the colors already printed. Perfect for creating paintings, pillows, or tapestries.


One of the strengths of the Gic Fashion is the customization of every product.

Thanks to our tailoring internal, that every day produces articles embroidery-branded Gic Fashion, we can give you the opportunity to choose one of the products designed and developed by us, select the fabric and the finish with which you want it to be done, and deliver you directly to your home.

How to do it?

Runs for the site, search for items that in the description, and shown as "MADE IN GIC FASHION", then choose your fabric from the album "fabrics of the americans" or "the fabrics tyrol" and send us an email to info@gicmoda.en, in 3 working days we will send you the price quote (the quiet, the prices are always the ones that you see on the site, unless there is a change in the size of the product) and the availability of the fabric and you will be able to confirm the order.
In 7 working days it will be ready to be shipped directly to your home.

It is a tailor-made service that we have designed to give you the opportunity to develop your ideas 100%!

And if you have in mind a model or a product on the site you cannot find, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to study it together, without commitment, and creartelo custom.

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Soft and white as a cloud, the cotton-synthetic is perfect for quilting and make more full-bodied your...
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Un porta chiavi leggero e resistente realizzato in plexyglass: personalizzabile al 100% inserendo un...
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Pallina di legno dal diamentro di 10 mm con foro passante, ti pemetterà di crare angioletti, bambole... e...
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A touch of elegance and light to apply anywhere you feel the need. You can iron on your embroidery on your...
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2,16 €
Reduced price!
La carta della Decomania per il decoupage è la migliore in commercio. Ti permetterà di creare con...
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0,79 € 2,09 €
Always fashionable and always modern, the broderie anglaise, will be perfect to finish the clothes,...
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All the small touches, or in the rooms of your clothes, the braids will be an excellent solution for...
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A silver star wrapped in soft fabric lightly padded for use as a decoration for our wedding favors:...
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Pallina di legno dal diamentro di 15 mm con foro passante, ti pemetterà di crare angioletti, bambole... e...
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A heart baby blue packaged in soft fabric lightly padded for use as a decoration for our wedding favors:...
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Reduced price!
La carta della Decomania per il decoupage è la migliore in commercio. Ti permetterà di creare con...
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0,72 € 2,17 €
A slight curl is the one that will make cosy your room, because the furniture part from the draperies!
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